Brooks Snowdonia marathon Eryri 2015 fills in less than 48 hours

One of the UK’s toughest, most picturesque and friendly marathons today became one of the most popular too, as 2500 places for the 33rd Brooks Snowdonia Marathon Eryri were snapped up in less than 2 days after opening on the 1st of January.

Last year’s event filled to its 2500 capacity in just two weeks, however the popularity of the 2015 race even outstripped race co-ordinator Jayne Lloyd’s expectations:

“Just incredible. The midnight entry opening point has always been popular, but this year the entries were literally flooding in, with almost 400 taken in the first 2 hours. It’s testimony to the popularity of the race, which has really grown over the last 3-4 years, to now being one of the most iconic running events in the UK. Also, we have seen the aspect of social media playing a big part in how we ‘sell’ the event. In years gone by we worked hard in the weeks leading up to race entries going live, getting the message out there, with news articles, posters and flyers, but now our Marathon Eryri online ‘family’ do such a great job in spreading the word that our job is very easy really.

As an organising team we are still humbled by the popularity and the praise that the race gets from across the spectrum of runners, sponsors, partners and the local community. Social media is an ever important tool and has really helped us as we are in daily contact with our runners via Facebook, Twitter and our website.

2015 should be an incredible year for the race once again. We have a new title sponsor in the form of Brooks and will be working hard over the next 10 months to ensure that the runner experience is a good as can possibly on race day.”

The 2015 race takes place on Saturday the 24th of October, with its traditional start time of 10.30am.