Building off the environmentally green focused activities that we have implemented over the last few years, we are always looking to increase our efforts to establish the Snowdonia Marathon the UK’s first Green Marathon.

On-site recycling & composting

We recycle and compost as much waste as possible. In addition to this it would be greatly appreciated if you could help us raise funds for local causes by bringing and old clothes or running shoes to the event. We will have recycling bins on site and in addition to this, marshals at the start to collect your discarded old “warm-up” clothes.

Participant shirts made from organic cotton

Our participant shirts are made out of organic cotton and are fair trade.

You’ll be proud to be seen in our-Shirt! Our t-shirts have been printed by local company

We also now have available tech shirts that are sourced by these guys

A finisher’s coaster made from local slate stone

Locally sourced and etched, our coasters  provide a one-of-a-kind memento for our participants while also lessening our footprint on the environment.

Water at the finish in multiple use bottles

We give each finisher a 500ml reusable bottles, with a lovely Snowdonia Marathon Eryri logo on it, to help each runner re-use and re-use their bottle and also remember their special day in Llanberis!

Reduce the use of paper

We try to do as much as we can via email and request that all of our suppliers try to do the same when contacting us. All of our waste paper is shredded and used as chicken bedding!

The use of recycled paper

The Snowdonia Marathon uses 100% recycled paper.

Recycle our race numbers

Our race numbers are made from a material called Polyart and although the race numbers themselves are not made from recycled material we will be collecting the numbers at the end of the race for recycling. Of course you can keep your number if you want.

A focus on carpooling

As part of our Green Initiative we want to encourage all visitors to reduce their carbon emissions by decreasing the cumulative amount of miles driven to our event. One way of this is to share a lift with a fellow runner or spectator. Thanks to the wonders of the web you can now find fellow travelers at Just post a listing to share space in your car or look for space if you need a ride.

Encourage carbon offsetting

If you can’t organise a car pool, it would be fantastic if you could “off set” the carbon emissions from your journey. For example if you are travelling by car from Manchester it will cost your just 75p and from London £3.50. A great website for off setting your emissions is:

Support Fair Trade

Marathon Eryri are supporters of the Fair trade movement. We use Fair trade products wherever possible from our race Ts to the post race tea and coffee. We would ask that you consider doing the same. For more information about Fair Trade please visit:

We know we are not perfect but we are trying to do all that we can to help the environment. Every year we aim to improve and make things greener. If you know of any way that we can improve things or want to help please get in touch at: